Best in elder care

Best in Elder care

Hyderabad-headquartered Life Circle Senior Services, in the year 2017, gave away awards for best in elder care.  The company held the convocation for its first batch of Geriatric Caregivers. The event, held at T-Hub, also saw the presentation of the Annual Caregiver Excellence Awards.

Elder care: A noble profession

Caregiving for seniors is a  noble profession. In addition to skills, the job requires compassion and the willingness to work hard. It goes without saying that caregivers who maintain a cheerful demeanour and bring in a sense of joy and calmness in all kinds of situations are assets to the profession. They are the ones who come out with flying colours in-home nursing care. And this is because a positive outlook is very essential for a caregiver. It not only aids recovery but also provides peace of mind to the senior and the family. And we all know that positive vibes do a world of good!

Awards for excellence in elder care

The first batch of caregivers

Geriatric caregiving is a specialized job. And geriatric caregivers are usually women who are academically less qualified. Most of them come from poor families. Their work mostly does not get noticed, leave alone rewarded. Hence, Life Circle decided to have these events to honour such workers for their valuable service to society. It is the dedication of caregivers that provides solace and dignity to elders during their twilight years. And it goes without saying that caregivers need to know the value of their services. They also need to realise how important they are to society.

Geriatric caregivers are a great source of help to ailing seniors. For the record, Life Circle’s first batch of trainees consists of many school dropouts. Therefore, the training and the ensuing recognition turned out to be academic achievements of sorts for them. Therefore, the graduation of the first batch of students is a celebration not only for these girls but also for Life Circle and its partners.

The key guests at the event

Key guests at the function were Shashidhar, General Manager, Asha Hospital, and Co-Founder of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India, Hyderabad Deccan (ARDSI); Ms. Bala Tripura Sundari, Co-Founder and Volunteer at ARDSI, Hyderabad Deccan; Ms. Sarmistha Dutta from Numaligarh Refinery Limited, Assam; and Dr. P.V Sarada, an educationist.

The Director’s speech

Awards for excellence in elder care
Priya Anant addresses the audience
Life Circle’s Director Priya Anant presented to the gathering an overview of the training programme. Priya welcomed the fresh batch of graduating caregivers into the company’s folds. She followed it up by congratulating the award-winning caregivers for their tireless work. Undoubtedly, caregivers are the backbone of a geriatric home health care provider. Therefore, it is the contributions of these caregivers that have been instrumental in the growth of Life Circle.

The Geriatric Caregiver Training course

Dr P.V Sarada – an educationist
Life Circle, in collaboration with Numaligarh Refineries, trains youngsters from low-income households in geriatric care.  A majority of the trainees are girls. And most of them are school dropouts. Life Circle is an Associate of the Health Sector Skills Council. And the company follows the curriculum prescribed by the council.  The curriculum integrates best practices from Life Circle’s French partner, Groupe SOS.

Dr. P.V. Sarada, a passionate educationist, played a huge role in conceptualising and developing the course content for the training. During the occasion, she spoke about how she made the course interesting and practical. She later congratulated both the newly graduated caregivers and the award winners on their achievements. And at the end of her speech, she wished all caregivers a meaningful and satisfying career.

Convocation ceremony for the first batch of caregivers

Awards for excellence in elder care
One of the dignitaries, Sarmistha Dutta, from NRL, gave away certificates to students who successfully completed the training. She had great words of advice for the girls. During her speech, she commended the grit and determination of all the newly inducted caregivers and other caregivers from Life Circle. Sarmistha Dutta went on to applaud the girls for coming out of their comfort zones to embrace the noble profession. Citing the example of Florence Nightingale, she called upon the caregivers to imbibe the spirit of care and compassion in caregiving. She concluded by encouraging them to add more value to their work. We are sure the girls will benefit from Sarmistha Dutta’s words!

 Awards’ ceremony for excellence in elder care

Awards for excellence in elder care
Rinki Mallick receives her award from Mr Shashidhar
Another guest, Shashidhar, gave away certificates and gifts to caregivers for their exemplary performance in the academic year that went by. He had a lot of good words to say about the caregiving profession. In his speech, he spoke about caregiving as a good career choice. He is of the opinion that this profession will only see an upward trend in the coming years. And he attributes this to the changing social milieu and population structures. Again, he firmly believes that caregiving is tough. And he urges caregivers to take care of themselves when faced with tricky situations at work. Lastly, he recommends that they find ways to maintain a sense of humour. As we all know, humour has therapeutic effects on the body and the soul.

Ms. Bala
Ms. Bala Tripura Sundari, another guest, also spoke on the occasion. She emphasised the significance of caregiving not only as a service to society but also as an opportunity to earn goodwill. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of self-care because caregiving can be mentally and physically draining. She couldn’t be more right! Caregivers need to be hale and hearty!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! To end the evening on a happy note, the bubbly and talented caregivers enlivened the evening with their graceful dance performances. All the items inspired by Assamese folk music and Bollywood numbers added colour to the proceedings. Needless to say, the attendees left with smiles and fond memories of the do. Life Circle wishes this memorable evening to be a reinforcement of their belief that caregivers are essential to our society. And that caregiving continues to be a dignified livelihood option for the youth. Let us wish all the young caregivers all the best as they embark on their careers!

About the author

Madhumita is a familial caregiver to her mother-in-law who lives with dementia. A full-time mom of a bubbly 3-year-old, she meets and interacts with Life Circle’s clients to understand various aspects of Geriatric care and care needs with the aim of serving our clients in a better way.


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