Home attendant profile – Ranjita Barik

The home attendant who loves to care

This is the story of  Home Attendant Ranjita Barik. She is shy and smiles easily when addressed. Ranjita has been working as caregiver with Life Circle, a home nursing care provider, since April. When she joined, Ranjita was assigned to offer elder assistance to Prabhavati of BHEL, Hyderabad, who lives with her son B. G. Gadhave and his wife. Ranjita hails from Odisha. Her family consists of her parents, her siblings and her grandmother. It is at home that she picked up the love to care for elderly people. Ranjita decided to convert this work into a professional pursuit. So she trained to become a caregiver with Apollo Medskills in Bhubaneswar.

The newbie home attendant

Ranjita spoke to us about her status as a newly minted caregiver, freshly placed with Life Circle. She acknowledges that there were some areas of her work where she felt she needed some support. When she started caring for Prabhavati, Ranjita was a little apprehensive that she may not be able to support her well while walking. Discovering herself in a brand new job and a brand new city, Ranjita says her experience has been cushioned by the affection she receives in the Gadhave household and the support she receives from the Life Circle Nurse Manager.

The perfect symbiotic relationship between the home attendant and the senior

Talking about her patient Prabhavati, Ranjita says, “I like this house a lot…I like to look after Dadi. Uncle and Aunty take very good care of me”. Prabhavati added that she has a great rapport with Ranjita. Both she and Ranjita have a perfectly symbiotic relationship. While Prabhavati is looked after with love and affection, Ranjita feels she is putting her skills to use and becoming a better caregiver every day.

Up close with the home attendant

Ranjita really likes to make people feel good. When asked what she would like to have done if she did not choose caregiving as a career, she mentions that she enjoys tailoring and an aesthetician’s work. Ranjita has not yet decided what she wants to study at university. But she is keen on completing class 12 and looks forward to college.

While she works towards this goal and is constantly learning on her job and working towards becoming a great caregiver by caring for Prabhavati, Ranjita has one unconquerable weakness; Chocolates!


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