Home care services post-haemorrhage

The haemorrhage and after; seeking home care services

In November 2017, after  Anamika Khurana* suffered a brain haemorrhage, her husband decided to avail professional home care services. This was because her condition required quality care. After giving the matter a lot of thought, he approached Life Circle, a home nursing care provider.

Anamika needed help with activities of daily living (ADLs). The haemorrhage had paralysed her rendering her immobile. Patients in such a situation become irritable. Therefore, they need constant encouragement, inducement and persuasion to perform any sort of activity. Needless to say, even giving medicines becomes a daunting task not only for the family but also for a professional caregiver.

The home attendant

Ranjana – the caregiver
Ranjana, a 28-year-old caregiver who hails from Odisha came in to help. A certified nursing assistant, she joined Life Circle after the successful completion of her caregiver training. She speaks profoundly about Anamika Khurana, “Aunty mujhe bohoot pyar se hug aur smile karti hain. Subeh jab main aati hoon aur shaam ko jab main waapas jaati hoon, wo mujhe bohoot pyar karti hain. (Aunty gives me warm hugs and smiles when I arrive in the morning and leave in the evening. She loves me a lot.)”.

“Ranjana’s perseverance and the art of persuasion is something that has facilitated such an improvement in my wife’s health. There is 50% recovery to be precise. And she might be able to walk in two months. At Life Circle, a patient is not treated as a customer but personal responsibility,” says the patient’s husband sounding very happy and content.

Recovery is slow for those who survive brain haemorrhages. Anamika Khurana’s case makes us realise how persistent efforts and care can bring about tremendous improvement in a patient’s health. It is often said, “At the end of reasons come persuasion and ‘healing’”. Anamika Khanna’s is a good example.

*Names have been changed upon request.

About the author
Aparajita, has a background in dentistry. She has a Masters in Public health from the EHESP- French school of public health. Aparajita has worked at organizations such as WHO(Geneva), URC- Eco(Paris), HandsOn Suburban Chicago & NWSRA(Chicago). She currently works at Life Circle as their care coordination officer. She believes it’s best when career and passion come together. Her vision to bring some grassroots level change through organized efforts gives her the drive to work. In her spare time, she loves moving around the city, exploring new places and making memories.

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