Home nursing care for multiple myeloma

The onset of multiple myeloma

Swati, a septuagenarian, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer. The disease resulted in the retired university teacher developing kidney problems. Therefore, she had to undergo dialysis for some period of time. Needless to say, the disease affected her life.

Deciding to engage a home attendant

In Swati’s case, it helped that she had a loving family which consisted of her husband, daughter Pyoli, and son-in-law. Swati’s husband took care of her. As a primary caregiver, he monitored her multiple myeloma medications and other needs. It was no mean task for a man his age and this worried Pyoli.  So, she reached out to her colleagues for suggestions. This is when the name of Life Circle, a home nursing care providing agency, cropped up.

Home nursing care for multiple myeloma

Vinita, a caregiver with Life Circle, was assigned the task of providing home nursing care to Swati. Pyoli took on the responsibility of arranging her mother’s medicines for the whole day as per the timetable. Vinita would come in at 8am and assist Swati with her activities of daily living and administer medicines to her. She would also feed her. For caregiving to go smoothly, it is important that the home attendant and the patient’s family have a good understanding. Pyoli was happy with Vinita and so also was Swati. Thanks to Vinita’s entry into the household, Swati’s husband got the much-need respite for his age.

What the home attendant’s job means to Vinita and her family

Vinita is from Jhansi. Her father passed away when she was young. Besides her mother, Vinita has two brothers and two sisters.

Vinita (The Caregiver)
Vinita aspired to become a nurse during her school days. Currently, she is in her fifth year working as a nursing assistant. She wishes to study more so that she can help her siblings with their education. Vinita also wishes to repair her house which has been crying for attention since her father’s death and also pursue singing. Her mother is an ASHA worker. Vinita’s earnings along with her mother’s keep the home fires burning.


Reflecting on the current state of Swati, Pyoli is looking forward to an improvement in her health. This she believes would help keep her more engaged and hence enhance the quality of her life.


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