Preventing falls during elder care

Recurrent falls

Preventing falls during elder care is a huge challenge for home attendants and familial caregivers.

Kamla Tiwari, a 79-year-old lady, had a fall and sustained a femur fracture because of which she could not walk properly. Rajni Tiwari, the patient’s daughter-in-law recollects how her mother-in-law’s recurrent episodes of falls were a constant source of fear for the family.

The Tiwaris wanted to put a stop to such traumatic episodes and provide good care to Kamla. So they decided to avail professional help. They engaged with Life Circle, a home care provider.

What changed?

Earlier, the patient used to be awake all night and sleep during the day. There was a sea change in her after the home attendant from Life Circle stepped in. Kamla Tiwari is now active during the day and sleeps well at night. Professional home care has proved more effective. The patient has become active and there have not been any falls.

Her medical condition had made Kamla aloof. And she loathed interaction of any sort her grandchildren included. However, there is a magical transformation in her now. She interacts well with everyone. And most importantly, she exudes a feeling of happiness. Rajni smiles and says, “Life has become easy since we engaged with Life Circle, our experience has been excellent!”.

About the home attendant

The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Pushpa, Life Circle’s caregiver is one such example. She is in her early thirties and is a mother of two. She envisions a bright future for her kids. They are the centre point of all her dreams and aspirations. Pushpa’s job at Life Circle has given her financial stability. She says she can now afford tuition for her daughter. And she can take care of other expenses as well. The job leaves her with a sense of accomplishment. It is because of Pushpa that things are under control at the Tiwaris’ home. Preventing falls during elder care is always a huge challenge. Pushpa’s efficiency has left no room for falls. And Kamla gets the much-needed quality home care.


Fall-related injuries are among the most serious and common medical problems experienced among older adults. Fall prevention is a challenge to home attendants and primary caregivers. The economic impact of falls is critical to a family, community, and society. A lesson learned from the case of Kamla Tiwari is how small yet substantial steps in life can bring about remarkable changes in a patient’s health. Falls can be prevented with professional care!!

About the author

Aparajita, has a background in dentistry and has done a Masters in Public health from the EHESP- French school of public health. She has worked at organizations such as WHO(Geneva), URC- Eco(Paris), HandsOn Suburban Chicago & NWSRA(Chicago). Now she is working at Life Circle as the care coordination officer. She believes it’s best when career and passion come together. Her vision to bring some grassroots level change through organized efforts gives her the drive to work. In her spare time, she loves moving around the city, exploring new places and making memories.

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