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Category: Wellbeing

Providing Elderly Home Care to a Centenarian

Home care service for a centenarian Elderly Home Care  Client Subhra Chandola stays in Delhi with her husband Commander Mahendra Kumar Chandola. Recently, her centenarian

Elder care: Bereavement support

The perfect companions Elder care: Bereavement support: The Kumars had been happily married for over 55 years. They lived with their five sons and an extended

Elder assistance for seniors with dementia

The onset of dementia Elder assistance makes a world of difference to seniors with dementia. Dementia is a progressive disorder. As the disease progresses, a

Home attendants for healthy ageing

Healthy ageing Home attendants are sometimes employed to help healthy seniors. Why? The idea is to encourage healthy ageing. And what is healthy ageing? Healthy

Elderly care for a senior with Alzheimer’s

The septuagenarian with Alzheimer’s Elderly care for a senior with Alzheimer’s is a combination of many activities. The senior has to be handled gingerly. Murti

Home care for a GBS patient

A few months back, Life Circle provided home care for a GBS patient. GBS is the acronym for Guillain–Barré syndrome. This is one of the

Preventing falls during elder care

Recurrent falls Preventing falls during elder care is a huge challenge for home attendants and familial caregivers. Kamla Tiwari, a 79-year-old lady, had a fall