Elder care: Relieve the stress of the elderly during COVID-19

Elder care: Relieve the stress of the elderly during COVID-19

A majority of seniors are isolated at home due to COVID 19. They will have limited or no exposure to the outside world. It goes without saying that they will be feeling afraid, stressed, sad, depressed or lonely. The Life Circle team can help in alleviating their anxieties with a few useful tips designed for elder assistance. Life Circle’s home attendants and home nurses are trained to provide compassionate elder care during such situations. In addition, the home care provider has also trained them to follow useful tips to relieve the stress among the elderly.

1. Being outdoors

Seniors living in independent homes may walk or indulge in gardening. In contrast, seniors living in apartments may pull up a chair and sit outside on the balcony. And nurture a small garden patch. A small bird feeder in the balcony may be a good idea in places frequented by birds. Some sunshine and blue skies work wonders on mental health. Also, studies on elder care show that being in the sun reduces stress among the aged.

2. Exercise:

Stretching or even a walk, in the residential society, can de-stress the elderly. In addition, enrolling in an online class of their preference helps build wellbeing.

3. Socializing:

Conversations with others while maintaining social distancing helps. Furthermore, calling family and friends alleviates the feeling of social isolation. Even when dispersed, a family may try to engage the senior in decision-making. Such engagement promotes wellbeing.Thus, participating in conversations and decision-making are the need of the hour.

4. Being mindful:

Meditation helps manage stress. There are apps for guided meditation. Seniors could pick an app that suits them. Alternately, Life Circle caregivers can help seniors download an app of the senior’s choice on their smartphone and encourage them to practice regularly.

5. Medication:

Make sure seniors take their prescription medicines diligently and undergo the prescribed therapy. Facilitate online consultations, and home sample collections, if they are due. Ensure adequate, timely re-stocking of medicines. Life Circle’s caregivers can alert you well before the medicine gets over.

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