Companionship Care in Bangalore

              Companionship Care in Bangalore

Life Circle’s Companionship Care in Bangalore aims at easing the feeling of loneliness and ensuring the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of persons in their golden age. Our companionship care services include support in daily routine, support on local journeys, support on social interactions, being companions in hobbies, providing emotional support, and a good friend to listen to and talk to.

We believe that a companionship service will achieve its goal only where there is the perfect mix of compassion, best practices, and technology.

We carefully choose the right caregiver to match with the personalities of your loved one to understand well and develop trust and friendship.

Our well-defined in-house training and grooming sessions make our caregivers capable to provide optimum care to your loved ones in a well-deserved professional manner.

How to Avail The Companionship Care in Bangalore?

Before deploying a caregiver into service, he/she receives detailed orientation based on the care plan for the service. It helps our caregivers to do their best to bring significant improvement in the physical and psychological well-being of the person.

Our care managers constantly review service quality through direct home visits and continuous remote monitoring. It makes you more comfortable to concentrate on your personal and official life while we take care of your loved one.

We understand that consistent active contact is essential for successful care services. We assure round-the-clock assistance for patients, caregivers, and family members while we serve your healthcare needs.

What do Life Circle Caregivers Do?

Most people think that elders face problems because of their medical condition. But there’s a serious condition faced by them is called loneliness, one that kills slowly and painfully. Life Circle Provides a better solution for this. They’re called companions. Our Companions regularly spend time reading to elders, listening to they reminisce about their life and times. In some cases, this also gives their family some relief and time to themselves.

Services Provided by the Life Circle Companions:

  • Making Friendly Conversations

Our in-home companion caregivers are friendly and are also attentive listeners. They indulge in friendly conversations which makes the seniors feel special.

Encourage Mild Exercise

By doing activities seniors love, they can gain greater mobility, quality of life, and independence. On the other hand, they need to be motivated.

Encourage Active Thinking

Our home health care companions can help organize pastimes, hobbies, and games to keep your senior parent interactive, engaged, and mentally stimulated.

Talk to our Care Manager or fill out the Quick Query Form to help get started.


How we work

Getting a Companionship service is easy! You can book a free assessment through our website or call our customer care number.

Our clinical team will be in touch with you and they will confirm your booking by scheduling an assessment date and time according to your convenience and availability.

Our clinical experts will come to your place and conduct an assessment that assesses the clinical conditions of the person and service requirements.

A detailed care plan will be developed by the clinical team by considering all facts of the clinical assessment. The core focus of the care plan is the overall improvement and well-being of the person. The assigned caregiver receives detailed orientation on the care plan before he/she starts service to you or your loved one.

The care manager coordinates the placement of the caregiver and will provide all necessary support to render excellent care to the person without disturbing the comfort of the entire family.

Our Care manager maintains constant follow-up with the caregiver, patient, and family. The care manager will do a re-assessment at periodic intervals and take all measures to make sure steady improvement and well-being of your loved one.



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