Dementia-Helping parents who refuse support

Dementia – Helping parents who refuse support

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for a parent with dementia is persuading them that home care is necessary. The impact of this is that it makes it difficult for you to support them. Along With you, the family members feel that the parent is stubborn in refusing help.

Dementia causes multiple impairments in the mental state of the person making them agitated and worried all the time. The mutual bonding between the parent and the children will reduce stubbornness and aggression and understanding their need for Home Care.

Here are some steps you can take to help your parents with Dementia:

  1. Understanding: Learn as much as you can about dementia, its symptoms, and its progression. Understanding the condition will help you empathize with your parents’ daily struggles and make more informed decisions.
  2. Choose the right time and place: Find a comfortable and calm environment to have a conversation with your parents. Pick a time when they are most receptive and avoid bringing up the topic during moments of confusion or distress.
  3. Communication: Use clear and simple language when discussing support options. Be patient and allow your parents to express their concerns or fears. Listen attentively and validate their emotions without dismissing them.
  4. Focus on their well-being: Explain the benefits of support or treatment. Explain it in a way that highlights how it can improve their life, and reduce potential risks. Highlight specific areas where assistance would be most helpful.
  5. Hiring a Caregiver: Having a caregiver might seem helpful to you, but not to your loved one. The fact that an unknown person will be caring for them in their homes can become an issue for them of ego or self-respect. 
  6. Maintaining a Medical Routine: Maintain the medication routine of your parents, and build trust by making them understand the importance of medication. We would recommend keeping the medication routine to be with caregivers rather than yourself. Make sure you tell the caregivers about the administration of your parent’s medications,

By paying attention to your dementia parents’ needs or preferences and balancing them with professional advice from a compassionate and experienced care provider, you will be able to manage their refusal and provide them with good home care at a gradual pace that they agree to. 

Treat them like an adult, not a child. Slowly, the process will cover towards a workable model if you treat them with respect and dignity. 

Why Choose Life Circle for Home Care Services

We have home care services in Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Guwahati, Bangalore, and Chandigarh. Reasons for you to avail home care services for your  senior family members from us in these cities are:

  1. Life Circle has a deep understanding of senior home healthcare as it annually provides more than 150,000 days of home care services.
  2. GROUPE SOS, Life Circle’s partner, brings international expertise on best practices to Indian Home Healthcare.
  3. Home Healthcare Workers provided by Life Circle undergo training. In addition, they undergo training on the job as well on the personalized care plan of the senior.
  4. Home Healthcare Workers’ background is verified by a third-party professional agency.
  5. Nurse Officers of Life Circle are knowledgeable about patient conditions and are hence able to guide the family as well as the professional caregiver on home care services.
  6. Life Circle’s Nurse Officers make regular home visits. They check on the working of our Home Healthcare Workers (affected due to COVID right now).
  7. Nurse officers conduct regular health check-ups of patients/seniors at home (affected due to COVID right now). They play a key role in identifying any changes in the senior’s health conditions since the last visit. This reduces the risk of emergency hospital admissions.
  8. You can expect a prompt response to your queries because we have a  dedicated support helpline.
  9. Prompt replacement of your Home Healthcare Worker is assured, in case of leave & absence.
  10. Life Circle’s terms and conditions and conditions are transparent. There are no hidden charges.

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