Elder Assistance: Long-Term Care

Elder Assistance is needed for seniors above the age of 65 years. They constitute a large part of those seeking elder assistance in terms of long-term care. This type of elder assistance package features a set of services designed to meet the personal and health care needs of a person. The package ensures that he or she can live safely and independently. Elder care for long durations may be required in a host of situations such as:

Long-time care requirements may be for a few days or many years. They depend on the underlying conditions. Caregivers offer elder assistance in activities they can still perform despite the underlying condition. These may be physical or cognitive activities. Engaging seniors in such activities slow down the decline in their functioning faculties.

Elder assistance: The home attendant’s role

Having home attendants from Life Circle has become part and parcel of Rao’s family. Since 2017, Rao and Srimanthi have seen a total of 13 home attendants come and go. Does Mohan Rao have any qualms about the frequent change in home attendants? “Not at all. We have had home attendants from Assam, Kurnool, Guntur, Warangal, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu,” he says. Most importantly, the home attendants have all bonded well with the family. Rao goes on to add, “We treat them like our family members.”

The home attendant from Life Circle stays with the Raos and attends to Srimanthi’s every need like toilet, food, and medication. Also, a nursing manager (NM) from Life Circle visits the Rao household every month. The NM monitors Srimanthi’s health condition. In addition to that, the NM evaluates the home attendant’s performance and offers guidance. Rao is satisfied with Life Circle’s services and is quick to say, “What more can I ask for?”.

Things took a turn for the worse when Srimanthi’s right leg required amputation owing to her medical condition. After the amputation, Srimanthi is unable to walk and needs help with her activities of daily living. An artificial leg cannot be fixed as her organs are not strong enough to bear the pressure. And owing to these constraints, every day, she ends up spending long hours in bed!

Life Circle Health Services provides home nursing services and caretakers for long-term care in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. We also provide physiotherapy and doctor-on-call services to facilitate elder assistance at home.


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