Elder assistance via Recreational activities

Role of song and dance in elder care

Elder assistance can also come in the form of recreational activities. Senior citizens are like children and revel in such activities. It lifts their spirits. Studies have shown that light recreational activities are uplifting for the elderly and transport them to a totally different world. Such activities have a therapeutic effect on them.  For seniors afflicted with illnesses, periods of recreation make them forget their pain and any feelings of loneliness and helplessness that may have set in.  Activities like playing games, dancing, listening to music, karaoke and simple exercises are amazing stress busters.

Role of mind games in elder care

Similarly, a game of cards, chess, solving crosswords and puzzles, Sudoku, different varieties of board games are tonic for the mind. They not only boost memory and concentration but make a person alert and exercise his or her mind. It also keeps the mind and body engaged and in many ways prevent the person from slipping into depression.

Time out in the park

Activities like cycling or even a walk in the park can keep the seniors mentally relaxed, besides improving their mobility, balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and agility.

Bring out the child in them

Indulging in activities they used to enjoy as youngsters busts a lot of stress in seniors and improves their mood.  Elder assistance can come in the form of frequent meet-ups that allow for social interaction. These activities are known to increase their sense of independence and boost their confidence.

All physical, social, and mental activities result in a better quality of life for the senior. Life Circle’s trained home attendants help seniors get back to doing the things that bring them joy and pleasure, no matter how big or small, customised to their unique interests and needs.

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