Elder service for seniors with multiple health problems

Sometimes, elder service is offered to seniors who are plagued by multiple health issues. Tripta  Mani’s is one such case. Read on:

Elder service for seniors with multiple health issues

One thing that struck me when chatting with the Manis, a close-knit Delhi family, is the oodles of positivity that they ooze out. Mom Tripta Mani, son Samuel and his wife Meenu are battling many challenges. Despite that, they manage to keep that smile on their faces. And the bravehearts that they are, they have taken their troubles in their stride! 

For a long time, Tripta, a person with diabetes, schizophrenia, hyperthyroidism and hypertension managed her medications on her own. However, things took a turn when she went into a diabetic coma. The family felt it risky to let things be. On the recommendation of Aadi, an NGO, they approached Life Circle, a home nursing care provider. This is because they wanted to give Tripta’s healthcare regimen the much-needed professional intervention. While Tripta’s husband Virender took it on him to manage her numerous medicines, the home attendant from Life Circle was delegated the task of helping Tripta with her activities of daily living, keeping her engaged with light exercises, personal grooming, relieving her stress with various modes of entertainment among other things. Virender also regularly monitors her BP and blood sugar levels and most importantly administers her insulin. 

Samuel and Meenu suffer from cerebral palsy and both are wheelchair-bound because of which they are not able to help Virender much. Are they happy with the Life Circle caregiver? “Yes”, says Samuel “but I think the caregivers (there have been six so far) need some specialized training to help handle patients like my mother who suffers from schizophrenia.” Samuel is of the opinion that mental health issues need to be addressed on a different scale. He highlights the importance of caregiver training on aspects concerning mental health.

The Nursing Manager’s role

Samuel singles out Life Circle’s Nursing Manager and showers her with praise. He says she makes sure that the house is in order on all her trips to their home. And most importantly, she is sensitive to their needs especially Tripta’s mental health issues.

The Caregivers

Sangeetha and Barkha, the two caregivers from Life Circle, work on shifts to make sure Tripta has someone constantly monitoring her and looking after her every need. 

Caregiver Sangeetha

home care
Caregiver Sangeetha with Tripta Mani

Sangeetha, a Delhiite, is a mother of three and is content with her job as a caregiver. She works to supplement her family income. She has been working in the Mani household for the last year. Her home is around 5km away and she travels to work by auto. She maintains a cheerful demeanour and feels at home with the Manis. It is her warm personality that has endeared her to the family and the patient.

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