Elderly Home Care Services in Bangalore

    Elderly Home Care Services in Bangalore

Life Circle Offers the Best Elderly Home Care Services in Bangalore to seniors. It encompasses a wide range of services, which expands even further with home health care. Below, you can see the many possible home care and home health care services. The services each individual client receives will depend on their needs and preferences and, sometimes.  The Following are the Home Care services provided by the Life Circle

Available Elderly Home Care Services in Bangalore

  • Medication management and reminders 
  • Companionship
  • Transportation
  • Transferring and other forms of mobility assistance 
  • Assistance with activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, eating, and toileting
  • Cognitive stimulation, including conversation, reading aloud and playing brain games
  • Supervision, especially for those in the early stages of memory impairment

Available Home Health Care Services

  • Medication administration, including injections
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • IV therapy and infusions
  • First aid and wound care
  • Blood withdrawal
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Management of chronic conditions, such as monitoring glucose levels for seniors with diabetes
  • Maintenance of feeding tubes, colostomy bags, oxygen tanks, and tubing, etc. 
  • Post-surgery care

Paying for Home Care Services

Though sometimes less expensive than comparable residential care, home care can be costly. Below, we explore the cost of in-home care and financial assistance options that can help seniors and their families cover the cost of care.

How Much Does Home Care in Bangalore Cost?

Life Circle Health Services is More than just an elder caregiver company, it provides a helping hand to senior citizens through compassion, companionship, and empathy.No two elders the same, be it lifestyle or requirements. Hence, we sit down with families to understand the challenges faced by the seniors and curate customized care plans. It also helps us build everlasting relationships with those in the golden period of life, i.e., old age, and serve them as their children would.

the average cost of in-home care in Bangalore per day is Rs.800/ per day or less depending upon the condition of the patient. However, considering that home health care can include nursing services, it is a more economical option than residential skilled nursing care, the cost of the services depends upon the condition of the patient

Regardless of one’s state, home health care will almost always be more expensive than basic home care because of the medical certifications and training required of the caregivers.

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