Home nursing care for dementia – “Memories matter?”

This post is a perfect case study of how home nursing care made a sea change in the life of a dementia patient. And this happened because of the beautiful bond that the caregiver forged with the patient.

The onset of dementia and home care thereafter

O. P. Handa started developing dementia around four years ago. Sadly, the disease has slowly progressed since then. In June 2017, he accidentally fell and broke his femur. As a result, he is bedridden now and needs help with activities of daily living. Monika, Handa’s daughter decided to avail professional care from Life Circle, a home nursing care provider because keeping her dad as comfortable as possible in the given situation was her goal.

Example of good caregiving

A glimpse of a regular day

Om Prakash (the caregiver) and Handa together perform simple activities. They peel green peas and tear apart pieces of paper. Om Prakash peels one pea and Handa peels four, explains Monika. She loves to capture these moments and treasures them. Making videos and playing them later is another activity. Also, singing Punjabi songs and dancing to those beats creates an atmosphere of happiness. “He remembers a lot about the good old days. And he has stories to share,” remarks Monika.

Monika says, “Since we engaged with Life Circle, he is occupied and active and that is all we want. We are happy.”

The senior and the home attendant: A beautiful bond

Caregiver Om Prakash

While narrating his daily routine, Om Prakash smiles and says, “Hum dost hain, hamara naam bhi ek hai” (Sir and I are friends, we share the same name). They have stories to share. Also, the fondness and affection between them is intangible. He is understanding and compassionate towards Handa. There is a lot to learn from such an example of seamless caregiving on how to manage persons with dementia, to slowing down the progression.

The expenses incurred towards dementia care across the world are enormous. Handa’s case of taking care of the condition by availing professional care thereby embracing dementia management is paramount and can make a difference because “memories matter!!”

About the author

Aparajita, has a background in dentistry and has done a Masters in Public health from the EHESP- French school of public health. She has worked at organizations such as WHO(Geneva), URC- Eco(Paris), HandsOn Suburban Chicago & NWSRA(Chicago). Now she is working at Life Circle as the care coordination officer. She believes it’s best when career and passion come together. Her vision to bring some grass- roots level change through organized efforts gives her the drive to work. In her spare time, she loves moving around the city, exploring new places and making memories.

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